On Saturday January 26, we talked with three individuals about upcoming events.  The show airs every Saturday at 7:00 AM on all of our stations.

Eric Malanoski started the show with an interview with Brenda Waters.  She has spearheaded the Annual Goodyear lake Polar Jump for many years.  This event is popular, well attended, and provides thousands of dollars in much needed funds for area young people who have significant medical bills.  For event information visit pbjump.com.

Leslie Ann chatted with Gabrielle Argo about this year's 3rd Annual Bassett Hospital Indoor Heart and Walk Run and Health Fair.  Since its inception this event has grown and now basically fills the FoxCare Center on Oneonta's East End on the day of the event.  The date is February 16 and for more information visit the event's website at  bassett.org/medical/services/heart-care/heart-walk

Eric also interviewed Lynn Gluekert, the executive director of Catholic Charities of Delaware, Otsego and Schoharie counties.  This is the first of a two-part interview.  Lynn gave us an interesting insight on the impact of the current government shutdown and its implications on local citizens.  Visit their website at www.charitiesccdos.org.