Townsquare Media has received a communication from Kim Muller, Chair of the DRI Project Selection Committee, about the progress of the committee.

She reports that the number of applications far exceeded any expectations, therefore it will be "some time"  before results can be announced.  A high-level review of applicants has begun.  The committee is beginning with a high-level review of applications centered principally on smaller geographic clusters so that they can assess the potential impact on different areas of the city.

At present, the committee has held three review meetings, and have another five meetings scheduled across the next few weeks.

Once funding decisions are made, the projects require approval by New York State; with the committee not having control over the length of time it will take the State to review  recommendations. As a result, there is no specific timeline for grant announcements. The committee intends to continue to communicate with the public about the process.

For questions contact Elizabeth Horvath at Delaware Engineering.