For anyone who loves chili, craft beer, and live music, the Community Arts Network of Oneonta (CANO) has just the event for you to really enjoy: the annual Chili Bowl which is a chili cook-off contest and tasting event with a date of May 1.

Sadly, as one of Oneonta's favorite annual fundraisers, the Chili Bowl had to be canceled in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. This event typically takes place on the first Sunday in February, leading up to the big football game that many enjoy, but because of COVID concerns this past December and into January with case numbers high in Otsego County, CANO decided to move the event to the spring in the hopes that it would no longer be an issue. As far as case numbers go, so far so good since COVID case numbers are currently (emphasizing currently) low in Otsego County.

A definite benefit to having this event in May is that the weather will be much warmer than the usual February date and since this event is so well attended and the CANO Wilber mansion can only hold so many people, the crowd can enjoy being outdoors on the property.

What's it all about? Lots and lots of delicious chili of all kinds. This is a chili lover's dream event so bring your appetite.

Here's how it works:
It's a chili-cooking contest and after picking out your favorite hand-thrown pottery bowl made by area artists and painted by volunteers, you visit the tables filled with all kinds of chilis cooked by area chefs and amateurs who know their way around the kitchen.

You get to sample as many of the different chili entries as you like, listen to live music, connect with friends and neighbors, and perhaps enjoy a craft brew or other beverage. Don't forget to vote for your favorite chili!

Speaking of live entertainment, CANO just announced the following performers with awesome local headliner Hanzolo, along with Jump the Shark and the Mansion Jam Band which plays at many CANO events.

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The 17th annual Chili Bowl will take place at the Wilber Mansion on Ford Ave. in Oneonta, NY on May 1 from noon to 4:00 pm with 20 chili entries created by a mix of professional chefs and amateurs.


A special addition to this coming Chili Bowl is a collection of hand-thrown bowls with colors of Ukraine that will be offered for $30 with $10 of that cost going to members of @vet.crew, a non-profit group of people helping animals displaced by the war in Ukraine.

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