According to a report released by the New York State Comptroller, the recently enacted fiscal year 2016-17 state budget includes a $1.4 billion increase in school aid, as well as increases to the minimum wage and phased-in personal income tax cuts for most taxpayers, but adds to state debt and shifts significant spending off-budget and to authorities. The report also notes the budget sacrificed public transparency both in process and content. Thomas Dinapoli says “The creation of a paid family leave program and increases in the state minimum wage will help distribute the benefits of economic growth more broadly among New Yorkers, while the boost in education funding will help school districts around the state. Despite these accomplishments, the state budget should be created with transparency and this budget came together at the last minute and with little public scrutiny. While the state’s financial footing is currently sound, there are open questions regarding the use of lump sum appropriations and whether future spending will match future revenue.”