Hollywood news sources have recalled the famous movie roles that the late actor Burt Reynolds actually turned down.

Can you imagine Burt as....

Han Solo in Star Wars?

Michael Corleone in The Godfather?

James Bond (after Sean Connery retired)?

Richard Gere's role in Pretty Woman?

Jack Nicholson's role in One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest?

Jack Nicholson's role in Terms of Endearment?

Bruce Willis''s role in Die Hard?

Taxi Driver?  M*A*S*H?  Rosemary's Baby?  Rocky?

In all fairness, he said he did have solid reasons for not wanting to take these roles.  For example, he thought no American actor should play British spy James Bond.  It is also ironic that two roles he passed up landed with Jack Nicholson and in both of those roles Nicholson WON an Academy Award!