Sometimes, nothing says it better than a song.  We all like to salute our mom's on Mothers Day.  Maybe with a gift, a note, flowers,or even a phone call from far away.  Those are all good gestures, but how about a song?

This Mother's Day, what song would you dedicate to your mother?  Whether she is still with us, or has passed away, Mom will always live on in our hearts.

As for me, I love this song.  "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle" was recorded by both Glen Campbell and Steve Wariner. Glen had a big hit with this song and it received a lot of radio air play  Here is a great clip of them both performing this song together (yes, that is Ralph Emery, country radio and TV host, standing in the center).  I love the message and I love the melody.  So, this is Big Chuck's song that would go out to his dear old Mom is she was still with us.

How about "Superwoman" by Alicia Keys?  "Mamas Kitchen" by Ce Ce Winans?  "Mother and Child Reunion" by Paul Simon?  "Mama Said" by the Shirelles?  Maybe an old "mother song"  like something from Eddy Arnold or Perry Como?  So if there was a big radio station ins the sky, that could handle any and all of our Mothers Day requests, what special song would you phone into the DJ and request for your own mother?

Here is the one I would pick: Enjoy, and Happy Mother's Day!