While the Sunshine Fair was not held this summer, 4-H youth can present their animal and non-animal projects, including animal showmanship, to their clubs, friends, and families. 4-H members are encouraged to submit pictures and videos of their projects to the 4-H office for a special online virtual showcase. The showcase will be presented on the Association’s webpage for viewing when assembled by CCE.

4-H Educator, Catherine Roberts, asks youth to make submissions to CCE Schoharie and Otsego Counties following the guidelines developed. “Youth should be recognized for their efforts,” said Roberts. “Our showcase is unlike the fair experience, but we’ve endeavored to create a memorable record for youth this year. We don’t want this opportunity to be lost in celebrating youth accomplishments,” concluded Roberts.

To see the Virtual Showcase guidelines and to register photos or videos of projects, visit the 4-H webpage,http://cceschoharie-otsego.org/schoharie-4h-virtual-showcase or contact Catherine Roberts at cmr336@cornell.edu or at 518-234-4303 ext. 113.