There are several huge, nationally known museums found across Upstate New York.  But for this writer, and legions of veteran road warriors, it is the small, out-of-the-way museums that are really the treasure chest of New York history.  This list explores 11 of the best ones in the state that you probably never knew existed.

The topics of these little museums may seem mundane at first.  Drain tiles?  Knives?  Bed coverings?  Yes, these topics and others are highlighted in small but fascinating museums in Upstate New York.

Take drain tiles, for example.  Yes, there is a drain tile museum in the Finger Lakes.  Just a bunch of drain tiles sitting on a shelf.  Not much, really.  But the story they tell at the Mike Weaver Drain Tile Museum in Geneva chronicles one of the great farming innovations of the early 1800s.  In fact, with the usage of drain tiles, Cornell University called what happened here "one of the greatest agricultural achievements of its time."  Drain tiles?  Really?  It is a fascinating story that you'll have to see for yourself.

So, we encourage our readers to not overlook any of these museums.  You will learn a great deal by visiting each of them.  And of particular note, read the story of museum #10 on this list.

A visit to this special place will surely move you.  True, you will not soon forget a visit to the Safe Haven Museum in Oswego.  Incredible.

Do NOT Miss These 11 Little Known Upstate New York Museums

This is a list of eleven museums scattered all across Upstate New York that are definitely worth a visit from you. Most are small and little-known. The Eastman House and Museum in Rochester is the most well-known. But did you know the dark secret the house holds? Read on.

The smaller ones tell a gripping story of a growing America. Most are little known as well. Why a pioneer oil museum in Western New York? And what is it with the knife museum, too? And you will love the story about the oddly named Drain Tile Museum in Geneva. But don't pooh-pooh those lowly drain tiles. Read on and find out why using them to help grow foods was called by Cornell University, "the greatest agricultural innovation of its time.'

And finally, be sure and check out museum #10. It is little known and in a remote location. But it tells a story of American history which took place in Upstate New York that few have ever heard of. Once you visit this museum, however, you are likely never to forget it.

Small museums with great big stories. And all in Upstate New York!

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