This writer has always had a fascination with famous graves.  Seriously.  I love to walk through a rural churchyard cemetery, seeking out the great stories that reside within.  I even wrote a book about 100 of the "best ones" that I found.

Here is a gallery of some amazing people who are buried in Upstate New York.  They include "The God Bless America Girl," "Master Painter of the Old West," "Hero of the 1955 World Series," "America's First Best-selling Author, and a remarkable presidential candidate whose motto was "Unbought and Unbossed," and a man who is considered to be "The Dean of American Santa Clauses."

And, of course, the guy who invented the potato chip.

All of these graves are easily accessible to be seen by the public.  I have been to each of the ones mentioned in this gallery (some of them several times) to do research and to guide people to.  Some of these graves are in unremarkable, rural cemeteries, and some are in more glorious places, like the famous "Priest of the Poor."

All are fascinating.

There are, of course, hundreds of famous people who are buried in a broad, general area known as Upstate New York.  We will focus upcoming galleries on others.  Believe me, there is no short supply of them.

While we have a long, long list of graves to be featured in the upcoming months, perhaps you know of one, maybe in your own hometown, that we should take a look at.  Somebody famous, maybe?  If so please give it a shout out over on our Facebook page.

Visit These Amazing Upstate NY Graves Including "The Inventor of the Potato Chip!"

This gallery is a list of several graves of legendary Americans. All of them are buried in Upstate New York. The gallery includes such famous people as "The God Bless America Girl," "Master Painter of the Old West," "Hero of the 1955 World Series," "The Dean of American Santa Clauses," and, yes, the "Inventor of the Potato Chip."

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio