Fresh off a Tuesday Oneonta Common Council approval of the sale ($275,500) of a 1/2 acre portion of the Dietz Street Oneonta parking lot to developer Parkview Development, LLC for the "Lofts on Dietz" project, the City of Oneonta Planning Commission unanimously approved the site plan application for the mixed-use development project which would house 40 affordable live/work spaces for artists and 24 middle income apartments, alongside the Hartwick College Grain Innovation Center.  Construction for that project is expected to begin some time next year.

Oneonta's Mayor, Gary Herzig commented, "Together, we have taken a significant step forward in bringing commerce, vibrancy, and creativity to downtown Oneonta.  The proposed Hartwick College Grain Innovation Center brings an academic presence t our downtown that has long been sought. Lofts on Dietz will help address our need for better housing options and will provide a spark to our efforts in positioning Oneonta to be a thriving community of the future."

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