A number of people from the area are ready to participate in America’s Greatest Heart Run and Walk this weekend in Utica. Bassett Healthcare Network’s chief of cardiology Dr. Patrick McNulty is President of the Greater Utica Board of the American Heart Association.

“The United States spends more money caring for heart disease than any other country. 20% of our GDP goes to heart care…And so for all the money that we’re spending, and all the technology, tremendous advances, we’re still not hitting the ball out of the park and what we all believe is that heart disease starts in childhood and adolescence. It starts with our diet, with our exercise habits, with our lifestyle. So the real cutting edge, the real frontier is to change lifestyle of Americans so they’re more physically active, eat better diets and do more preventive care.”

Dr. McNulty will join Team Bassett at this Saturday's Heart Run and Walk in Utica. And there is still time for you to sign up and be a part of America’s Greatest Heart Run and Walk by calling 315- 728-7565 or CLICK HERE to register.