Every day I put a couple of different posts upon this website.  Many are informative, some roll right off the tip of my fingers.  Others require work and research.  Many are nostalgic, and more than a few carry with them videos and photos from around the world.

But this post is different.  It has no meaning.  It didn't take long to research it and it has no video.

Every day when I step out of the radio station studios on Chestnut Street at noon and head to my parked car, this is the view I see.  The First United Methodist Church at 66 Chestnut Street in Oneonta.  Today, Monday, I looked up at this familiar landmark, one that I have seen a hundred, maybe a thousand times, and it dawned on me.  I noticed it.  I actually noticed it.

It was a brilliant sunny Fall afternoon.  The NBT thermometer read 59-degrees.  Mini-tornados of multi-colored autumn leaves swirled around me: red, plum, orange, yellow, lime and brown.  The brilliant sun peeked through the intermittant cloud cover.  And there it was.  Grand, noble, impressive, serene, stoic, solid, welcoming, peaceful and majestic.  I stopped and looked at this stone house of worship and was compelled to photograph it.

I don't know if I ever really noticed it before.  But I did today.

Like I said.  This post has no meaning.

I think.