I just got back from taking trip around the St. Lawrence Seaway region. I was really amazed that once you reach a certain "imaginary line" the Amish seem to be everywhere.

There are many Amish communities in the north country (as well as in Otsego County).  Since about 1970 the Amish population has quadrupled to more than 20,000 today.  New York now has the fastest-growing Amish population; and the 5th largest overall.  While there are many Amish family farms in our listening area, the largest population is north of the Thruway.  The biggest Amish communities are in the Croghan, Lowville, Boonville and Mohawk Valley areas.  While the Amish are known for their produce and farm products, they are also expert craftspeople.  Today, many Upstate Amish women make quilts which are taken to Lancaster, Pennsylvania for sale in farm markets.

They are good neighbors, hard workers, brilliant craftsmen (and women) and valued members of their communities.  I went tothe  Pickens General Store in Heuvelton, NY (St. Lawrence County) and it was exactly what you would expect it to be!  What a neat place.  It really illuminated to me just how big and vast our Empire State really is!