Oneonta City School District

Oneonta City School District Is Hoping You’ll Change Careers To Become A Bus Driver
Unless you live under a rock then you are well aware that there is a national shortage of bus drivers in general, leaving schools in a serious lurch and coming up with ways to deal with the shortage. Governor Kathy Hochul has come up with a plan to address the bus driver shortage in the following ways: - Outreach to people across the state with Commercial Driver's Licenses (CDL) - Expansion of CDL
Oneonta City School District Approves New Super
The Oneonta City School District has a new Superintendent. Interim Superintendent David Rowley says the board of education unanimously approved the appointment of Joseph Yelich Wednesday morning. "I look forward to working with Joe and I think he is an excellent choice," Rowley said...
Oneonta School Board to Appoint New Super
A special meeting is scheduled Wednesday morning for the Oneonta City School Board of Education to appoint a new superintendent. School officials say the new superintendent will be Joseph Yelich, Superintendent at Waverly Central School...