Otsego Outdoors is at it again with another seasonal Octet Challenge in Otsego County. This is the group that brought us The Spring Octet Challenge which wrapped up recently and The Otsego Octet Winter Challenge this past winter, both designed to get area residents outside to discover and enjoy our beautiful Otsego Counties parks and state land is back with another challenge. The Otsego Summer Octet Challenge just kicked off on the first day of summer, June 21, 2022.

These seasonal Octet Challenges were created through a collaboration between Otsego 2000, the Otsego Land Trust, and Otsego County Conservation Association and presented through Otsego Outdoors.

The idea behind the challenges is for everyone to get outside and participate in a variety of activities whether it's hiking, biking, and/or paddling at designated locations throughout Otsego County. According to Otsego Outdoors,

In this Summer Challenge, there are several locations listed below with different activities to participate in as part of the challenge. Anyone who completes at least 8 of them between now and September 21, will receive a special achievement patch from Otsego Outdoors.

Below, participants can choose at least 8 things from this list to do:

  • Bear Swamp State Forest, Buttermilk Hill Road & Roseboom Public Forest Access Road (PFAR), Decatur. (hiking)
  • Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park, 133 Davis Road, Westford (hiking)
  • Glimmerglass State Park, 1527 County Hwy 31, Cooperstown (canoe/Kayak)
  • Robert V. Woodruff Outdoor Learning Center, 2316 State Route 80, Van Hornesville (hiking)
  • Star Field, Chicken Hill Farm Road, Cooperstown (hiking)
  • Arnold Lake State Forest, Joe Cornell Road, Hartwick (hiking)
  • Brookwood Point, 6000 State Hwy 80, Cooperstown (canoe/Kayak)
  • Canadarago State Marine Park, 135 Dennison Road, Richfield Springs (canoe/Kayak)
  • Fetterley Forest, 302 Roses Hill Road, Richfield (hiking)
  • Parslow Road Conservation Area. 125 Parslow Rd., Hartwick (hiking)
  • College Camp, 119 Hoffman Road, Oneonta (hiking)
  • Copes Corners Park 620 State Hwy 51, Gilbertsville (canoe/Kayak)
  • Emmons Pond Bog, 2028 White Hill Road, Oneonta (hiking)
  • Fortin Park, 101 Youngs Road, Oneonta (hiking)
  • G.E.M. Sculpture Park, 1 Commons Drive, Gilbertsville (walk)
  • Gilbert Lake State Park, 18 CCC Road, Laurens (hiking or paddling)
  • Goodyear Lake Waterway Access, Silliman Cove Road, Maryland (hiking or paddling)
  • New Island Trails. access through Catella Park, David
    Brenner Road, Oneonta (hiking or biking)
  • New Lisbon Ride, Gilbert Lake State Park, 18 CCC Road, Laurens (biking)
  • Wilber Park, Albert Morris Drive, Oneonta (hiking)
  • Your choice of activity and location. You can go camping, swimming, fishing, berry picking, or some other outdoor activity.
  • Outdoor and Volunteer events: you can participate in a guided hike or paddle, volunteer at an outdoor event, or go to a featured event and get Summer Octet  Challenge credit. Just take a look at the Otsego Outdoors event calendar and pick something to participate in.
via Otsego 2000
via Otsego 2000

The Summer Octet Challenge is a fun way to spend time with your family or friends. Anyone who completes the challenge will get the Summer Octet patch and bragging rights of course. There is a $5 per patch fee.

A Fall Octet Challenge is coming and we all know how beautiful fall is in Otsego County. Just another fun activity to look forward to!

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Get all the information you need about the challenge and participation at otsegooutdoors.org/our-challenge. For any questions, call 607-547-8881 or email outdoors@otsego2000.org.

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