Lauren Pennino

All week long SUNY Oneonta will be having sustainability themed events and activities. The students and surrounding community members want to “go green” in honor of Earth Day.

This weeks series of events will be called “Green Dragon Week” and it will hold several different activities. Some include a documentary viewing of “Vanishing of the Bees,” “DamNation,” and “An Inconvenient Truth.” There will also be a community forum on campus climate, presentations of sustainability-focused research projects, and several trivia games.

The ultimate goal of Green Dragon Week is to send the least possible amount of waste to the landfill. Several college students participate in this week long event and are passionate about spreading awareness of going green.

Green Dragon Week has been going on for the past six years and more than 14 clubs and organizations take place in handing out information. In the quad on campus, the Botany Club sold a variety of different plants, the sale being a fundraiser to help the club to visit different botanical gardens around the country.

One of the biggest events will take place Wednesday, where they will make use of the recyclables while involving High School students in the Delaware County village of Stamford. The goals of these events are to celebrate Earth Day and serve the community.