SUNY Oneonta is the number one college in the nation for on-campus drug arrests according to a study by the Drugs on Campus Project.

The project studied statistics from the Campus Safety and Security database released by the Office of Postsecondary Education, then turned the results into a map showing where the most on-campus drug arrests per 1,000 students occurred. The project also studied on-campus alcohol arrests and alcohol-related deaths of college students. SUNY Oneonta does not appear in the latter two studies.

The study claims SUNY Oneonta in the top spot for on-campus drug arrests with 13.61 arrests per 1,000 students, followed by CU Boulder with 13.57, and SUNY Owego taking third. Other SUNY campuses appearing in the top fifty include Fredonia, Brockport, Cortland, and Albany.

Drugs on Campus Project head, Jon Millward, commenting on the reason for the study, told Business Insider: "We wanted to find interesting data that's been under-explored."

The study is statistical only. It does not mention what kinds are drugs the arrests were for or if the arrests led to prosecutions. Nor does it explore campus culture or the extent to which individual institutions' pursue drug arrests.