NFL Films president Steve Sabol passed away at the age of 69 on Tuesday due to brain cancer.  He left a great mark on the game including this legendary poem.

Steve Sabol made an enormous contribution to the growth and popularity of the National Football League. NFL Films let football fans peek behind the curtain. NFL Films allowed fans to hear players and coaches on the field. I remember watching videos of Lawrence Taylor mic’d up on the field when I was a little kid and thinking it was the coolest thing in the world.

Sabol also wrote this legendary poem “The Autumn Wind” which is featured in the attached video. Tell me you don’t get chills when you hear the poem and I’ll tell you that you simply don’t love football.

NFL Films president Steve Sabol was a visionary who approached his profession as a fan. He went about his business with the constant thought in mind of how he would want to view the content he was providing as a fan. That was one of his biggest strengths. Sabol passed away on Tuesday at the age of 69 due to brain cancer. His contributions to the NFL were immense. He will be greatly missed but his work and influence will always live on.

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