An Otsego County man is facing numerous felony charges after State Police investigators found that he was allegedly in possession of “ghost guns.”

Police say other firearms were also seized.

State Police say 37-year-old Kenneth Carson of Springfield tried to enter the home of a known acquaintance on County High 54 in Springfield on April 10.

Troopers say Carson discharged a firearm when he was outside, but thankfully, no one was injured.

Carson was arrested and charged with:

  • Attempted Burglary in the first degree, class “B” felony
  • Criminal Use of a Firearm in the second degree, class “C” felony
  • Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the second degree, class “C” felony
  • Manufacture of a Machine Gun, class “D” felony
  • Two counts of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the third degree, class “D” felony
  • Reckless Endangerment in the first degree, class “D” felony
  • Criminal Mischief in the third degree, class “E” felony

Carson was arraigned and sent to the Otsego County Jail on $20,000 cash bail.

His next court date was scheduled for May 5 at the Springfield Town Court.

The New York State Police are reminding people that possessing or making “ghost guns,” privately manufactured firearms without serial numbers is a crime and is a threat to public safety.

If you know of anyone who is making firearms, you’re asked to contact your closest law enforcement agency.

[AUTHOR'S NOTE:   This post is for informational purposes and is based largely on information received from the New York State Police.  The reader is reminded that all suspects and arrested persons are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.   At the time of this posting no additional information is available.]

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