Sidney Central High School technology teacher Christine Race utilized the district’s 3D printers to create masks to donate to the area hospital and Fire/EMS departments.

According to the school's Facebook page, two dozen went to UHS in Sidney, while one dozen each went to Sidney EMS, Sidney Center EMS, and Oxford EMS.

The face shields are created from overhead transparency sheets. Race said Superintendent Secretary Sheri Kinsella was instrumental in finding teachers who had these sheets to donate.

Race then made a template and punched the holes with a standard hole punch to attach them to the frames.

Because she couldn’t find elastic straps, Race improvised using shirts cut up to create the straps for the masks. She said she plans to continue making the masks.

Race said Superintendent Eben Bullock allowed her to take the 3D printers home to be able to work on the masks.

“I’m glad that Mrs. Race could utilize her time and school district resources and help out first responders and health workers in our Sidney community.” Sidney Superintendent Eben Bullock said.