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Most of us are guilty of bad habits and it seems that includes when we're behind the wheel of a vehicle according to a new survey by GuntherKia.com who surveyed 4000 motorists across the country, asking them driving-related questions.

For example, when asked if people should have to take another driver's test after a certain age, 1 in 4 respondents said "Yes". As a person with senior parents whose driving abilities have definitely caused me concern on occasion, I rather like that idea but at the same time, if my parents were to fail the test, then how would they get around? They live in an area with no public transportation so that clearly wouldn't work for them. There's no easy solution to this one. How do you feel about that issue? Let us know below...

Other results from the survey showed that 1 in 3 think it should be mandatory for all motorists to have a dashcam. There's no doubt that this would certainly make it easier for law enforcement and insurance companies to determine who is to blame when auto accidents occur so that's an easy "yes" for me.

Respondents in the survey were asked if they believed they would pass a practical road exam if they had to re-take one and almost 24% thought they would probably fail the test if they had to take it now due to driving skills being rusty from the COVID lockdown. More than a third of surveyed motorists admitted that their driving habits are not as good as they should be.

It can be easy to take being safe for granted when you're behind the wheel so I do wonder if we all shouldn't have to complete some sort of written test online through the Department of Motor Vehicles to maintain our license every 10 years perhaps? Yes, it would be a hassle but may end up making roads safer for us all. Just a thought.

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