Craig S DuMond

Recently, Delaware County Sheriff Craig DuMond issued a statement about the swirling topic of legal pot sales in the county, and the opportunity to "opt out" of that program.

Some questioned his motive's behind a letter he recently sent to the Town Supervisors asking them to opt out of the sale of cannabis.  Some thought he hadn't done due diligence on the subject or research the science and laws.
In a forceful statement, DuMond said:

"Recently there has been some dialog regarding my letter I sent to Town Supervisors requesting they consider opting-out of the of current cannabis dispensary provision. Some have questioned my research, motive or whether I am “informed” regarding this topic. Firstly, I want the people of Delaware County to know that I take my responsibilities as Sheriff very seriously, part of which involves thoroughly researching topics (informing myself) prior to taking any stance or action on matters that could affect Public Safety. Remember, my first and foremost responsibility to the people of Delaware County is public safety. Having read various studies regarding the topic of legalized marijuana, pro and con, and have formed my opinion based on the expert knowledge of professionals in the field which are police executives, prosecutors, doctors, drug counselors/treatment professionals, etc. The most important points are that it seems certain that we could have a larger incidence of fatal crashes due to THC usage, and that emergency room visits could increase due to marijuana related poisoning hospitalizations. I am happy to share my research. Please email me at: or visit our Facebook page for an accounting of that research."
The sheriff's response was very long and quite detailed point by point.  If you would like to read DuMond's statement in full CLICK HERE,
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