Senator Fred Akshar released his own Community Voice Survey on the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)’s new license plate replacement program requiring drivers to pay $25 for new license plates and an additional $20 to keep their current plate number.

Earlier this week, Governor Cuomo announced the new fee structure and 10-year license plate replacement requirement along with a survey allowing New Yorkers to vote on the new plate designs. Of the five design options, only one features a landmark located in Upstate New York: Niagara Falls.

Senator Fred Akshar said, “While many older plates are wearing out and becoming more difficult for law enforcement to read, it's clear that this is just a "creative" way to announce a new tax on New Yorkers. I'm a fan of constituent surveys, but mine don't come with new taxes and fees smuggled in."

Akshar’s survey asks his constituents to weigh in on the new replacement fees as well as the new designs by visiting Akshar.NYSenate.Gov.

Respondents can specify whether they:

Support or Oppose the new $25 replacement fee
Support or Oppose the $20 fee to keep their current plate number
Support including more plate designs that feature Upstate New York symbols and landmarks.

Respondents can also submit their own ideas for a plate new design.

Senator Fred Akshar said, “Before heaping yet another fee on its dwindling residents, New York needs to stop and listen to the people. Maybe asking ‘if’ instead of ‘how’ a new tax should levied would help slow the steady outmigration of residents for a more affordable way of life in other states. This new tax, along with the $4.6 Billion in taxes and fees imposed in this year’s budget by the all-Democrat-led Legislature, illustrates why One Party Rule in New York will only continue to drive more hardworking middle-class taxpayers out of our state.”