It's time again to stand up for the Empire State! A popular travel website has ranked New York's ten trashiest cities.

We've been here before, feeling the need to stand up for some of our favorite New York cities and towns that we call home. Most recently we had a list ranking the worst New York small towns. And, here we go again with the latest list showing no love for the Empire State - Roadsnacks list of the 10 trashiest towns in New York.

Among the cities on this list? One is home to one of the world's great natural wonders. Two are home to some of our favorite New York food dishes. One is home to a beloved football team. Some are even lakefront cities! Based on these facts plus my love for New York cities, you know there is no way I or the radio station would endorse this list. There is plenty to love about the 10 cities listed below.

But it is still interesting to go through the list to poke holes in the claim of New York's 10 Trashiest Cities by pointing out what we love about them.

See The 10 Trashiest Cities In New York State [RANKED]

Here we go's another list picking on some great New York cities and towns. Let's face it, if you approach something looking for trash - you will find what you are looking for in any city or town in any state. And while the municipalities on this list have their scars like any other city or town, those who live in and around them know there is plenty to love about all ten. While we in no way endorse this list, we still need to see which 10 New York Cities Roadsnacks says arethe state'sTrashiest based on crime data, drug use, the prevalence of dollar stores, welfare rates, and more.

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff