Scams! They present themselves through phone calls, text messages, street hustles and a variety of other ways. No matter how these scams enter our lives, nobody wants to be tricked, fooled or taken advantage of. Here is a heads up on an email scam that has popped up in New York State recently. Don't be fooled.

Have you received an email with a subject line that reads; NOTICE TO APPEAR IN COURT?

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Recently, emails from sender Vincent G. Baker for a Notice to Appear In Court have been filling up inbox's around New York State. I got one just last week and, even though I have never been in trouble with the law, my initial reaction was, uh oh!

As you can see below, on a quick read you might be fooled to thinking this is legit. Panic even for a second and hit the 'click here' link and now you have fallen for a Phishing Scam.

Michael Karolyi
Michael Karolyi

According to the Federal Trade Commission, a Phishing Scam is is a type of online scam that targets you with an email that looks like it's from an official source. In this case Vincent G. Baker appears to be an attorney serving you with a formal notice. Once you 'click here' you could be asked for your social security number, bank information and other personal information.

These Phishing Scams tend to play on your emotions of appearing in court or a relative in need, etc. Look at that email with calm and common sense and you see everything is general and generic. What should you do if you receive one of these emails? DELETE IT! Don't open it! Don't respond to it! DELETE IT!

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