What is Rome, NY? That's the answer to a Jeopardy! question that no one got right.

Pretty much everyone from Rome can say they were smarter than the Jeopardy contestants last night - since none knew the answer to a question we all would have gotten right.  The category was "New York Cities."

Credit: Lynda Mortis
Credit: Lynda Mortis
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"Sharing it's name with a European capitol, it was known as 'Copper City' for its production of that metal"

Duh - its ROME.

Unfortunately, none of the contestants got the question right.

According to the city's official website, "During the Industrial Revolution, Rome gained the reputation as the “Copper City” as its metal industries produced an estimated 10 percent of all copper in the US."

That's not the only New York city mention on the December 3rd show, still hosted by the late Alex Trebek.

Buffalo was also the correct answer to another question no one answered:

"Second only to New York City in population, this western port is the "Nickel City""

What is Buffalo? A contestant incorrectly guessed Newark.

Of course, this isn't the only time Rome has been featured on Jeopardy! Back in 1998, there was an entire category dedicated to the Mohawk Valley city: "When in Rome, NY."

Think you know the answers to these?

  1. In Rome you can visit the tomb of these nameless warriors of the revolution
  2. A drum & bugle corps contest held annually is called "Drums Along" this nearby river
  3. Do as the Romans Ski-Doo & ride this type of vehicle across the Tug Hill Plateau
  4. In Rome you're in this county that shares its name with an Indian tribe, a silverware brand & utopian group
  5. You can ride a horse-drawn boat along a restored section of this waterway


  1. Unknown Soldiers
  2. The Mohawk
  3. Snowmobile
  4. Oneida
  5. Erie Canal

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