While those of us in central New York were dealing  the sub zero wind chills, residents of many upstate New York communities were dealing with snow. Lots of snow. Watertown received over 53 inches! The massive snowfall resulted in closures on both the Thruway and I-81, stranding many travelers in the heavy snow and frigid temperatures.

Some of those left out in the cold got very lucky when ended up stranded in the tiny village of Adams.

The village opened its fire hall to those with nowhere to go, setting up cots and making coffee.  In addition, local businesses donated sandwiches, pizzas, and eggs and bacon to feed the unfortunate travelers. There was only room in the fire hall for 140 people, so when they ran out of room, the locals came through. They opened up their homes to over 40 snowbound strangers, most of whom were Canadians on their way back from vacations as far away as Florida.

Now that, folks, is the spirit of Upstate New York at its best. Well done, Adams!

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