On the heels of Cyber Monday is Package Theft Wednesday (November 30th), a day to remind consumers that the holiday season is not only a time of joy but a time of increased package theft.  Packages ordered and left on porches or outside people's doors during the work day when residents don't tend to be around are easy targets for thieves to snatch unattended boxes.

According to Travelers.com, there are easy steps to take to prevent package theft:

  • When making a purchase online, if the retailer provides the option, choose a specific delivery time.
  • If purchasing from a larger retailer, consider having your package delivered to a local store for pick-up.
  • When possible, request the delivery company to hold your package at their closest pick-up facility until you can pick it up.
  • Ask the shipper to require a signature confirmation of delivery in order to prevent packages being left when no one is home to sign for them.
  • Have packages delivered to your workplace or another place where there is someone there throughout the day to receive the package.