This new bill passed in the senate is creating tension between animal activists and small business supporters in New York State.

Lonely puppy

The State Senate recently passed a bill to ban the sale of animals in pet stores. On one hand, this will help shut down the inhumane practice of "puppy mills", while others believe this will hurt the state's economy and put hundreds of New Yorkers out of a job.

The main reason why there's been a push for this legislation is to stop the "puppy mill-to-pet-store pipeline". Lawmakers who back the bill say most animals found in pet stores come from places like puppy mills, who inhumanely reproduce dogs.

small cats behind fence
Zbynek Pospisil

When it comes to "puppy mills", dogs aren't the only animals being bred like this. It often happens with cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs as well. Lawmakers say these unsafe breeding practices can also lead to major health issues for animals down the road.

Not everyone is in favor of the new legislation. "People United to Protect Pet Integrity" recently released a statement opposing the Senate's decision.

This bill will not only cause a loss of revenue to the state and put thousands of hardworking New Yorkers out of work, but it will also drive New York's retail pet industry into the shadows and usher in a new era of unregulated, unchecked pet sales that will be detrimental to animal welfare across the board.

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Though the bill has made it past the Senate, it has yet to be passed in the State Assembly. If approved, the bill would then sit on the governor's desk before becoming a set-in-stone law.

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