Over 200 hundred people attended the Tuesday evening Citizen Voices meeting at the Elks Club in Oneonta.

They were there to voice their concerns with the NY SAFE Act gun law. There were numerous speakers including Tom King, president of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, Assemblymen Cliff Crouch and state senator James Seward.

"These meetings are important to educate people and, secondly, to demonstrate there is widespread opposition (to the SAFE Act)," Seward said. "Hopefully that will help our cause to, No. 1, making changes to the new law to make it more workable and reasonable, and No. 2, supporting the court litigation which hopefully will see this new law thrown out so we can come in with some meaningful legislation that really gets to the issue. That is, the criminal element and those dangerous individuals who have created these horrific situations that we've seen these mass killings using guns."

There will be a second amendment rally on Feb. 28 at the State Capitol in Albany, which many in attendance Tuesday say they will attend, including the public officials.