Polystyrene (styrofoam) waste has long been an environmental nightmare since  unfortunately, there are few places in the United States where Polystyrene can be recycled and it fills up a landfill quickly.  However, there is good news for Otsego County!

Otsego County Solid Waste received a grant to purchase an amazing machine, a polystyrene densifier, that compresses the material loaded into it.  What comes out is a long and very dense brick of the product which can be sold to companies who are able to use the dense polystyrene in multiple ways.

So start collecting any polystyrene food containers, coffee cups, and packaging material and make sure it's white and clean, otherwise it can not be recycled.  Any of these materials can be brought to the Otsego ReUse Center at 23 Duane Street, open seven days a week for free.  Please bring items in a clear plastic bag to an employee at the Otsego ReUse Center since the polystyrene will need to be checked to make sure it's recyclable.

Check out pictures below of the new Polystyrene Densifier at the Otsego ReUse Center.  This is a big step in the right direction!

polystyrene (TSM)
condensed polystyrene after going through the densifier machine (TSM)