The Oneonta Salvation Army on River Street is facing a growing problem.

"People are leaving outright garbage at our pick up stations," Major Sharon Harford told Townsquare Media.  "It is a problem that is growing.  We don't know who these people are but we are begging them to stop."

Major Harford said that many times the pile of garbage, refuse and trash is so big that it creeps down the main driveway and parking lot.  "It is so unsightly for our Sunday worshipers and visitors.  Of course we take many items, items that can be reused or sold, but we are noticing many people are abusing our goodwill."

Major Harford asks that if you have furniture or a large item to simply call 1-800-SA-TRUCK and they will come to your home and pick it up. Furniture should be in good condition.  "Sometimes the weekend mess is almost too much to handle", she said.  "Recently, we asked for help from Luisa Montanti, The Manager of the Southside Mall, for assistance in cleaning it up and she did.  She was wonderful."

"The more money we have to spend to take items to the dump or recycling plants is less than we have to meet the emergency needs of the good folks of Otsego County.  We hope this stops.  It really can be costly."

Major Sharon at River St., Oneonta location (Credit: TSM)
Major Sharon Harford at River St., Oneonta location (Credit: TSM)