A once in a lifetime photo was captured during the recent storms in Delaware County, New York that looks more like a painting. And it was just a stroke of luck.

Alex Poole shot the stunning cloud to ground strike on Tuesday, June 29 from his property in East Meredith, New York. "I came home from work and pulled into a new piece of property my wife and I bought to kind of unwind for the day and just old got lucky with my cell phone."

Every big event Alex and his wife, Annamarie have done together has rained. "From our engagement to buying our house and our wedding to purchasing this new property," said Alex. "Nature is a huge part of my family's lives and this picture is one of the coolest I've ever taken."

What makes it even cooler is if you look closely, you can see what appears to be a fire-breathing dragon.

Credit - Alex Poole
Credit - Alex Poole

Ironically Alex's wife owns Hickory Creek Photography. "She asked me 'how did u get this?' I told her it was just luck."

Annamarie isn't the only one. "I have tried and failed so many times trying to capture photos that I hoped could look like this," said John Erwood.

Alex is blown away by the publicity the picture has gotten. "It's nice to bring joy to the community and I'm going to keep trying to snap more pictures. Plus, we learned recently we will be bringing a little boy into this world and this picture is just the icing on the cake."

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