Utica, NY (WIBX) - Hydrofracking remains a contentious issue among New Yorkers. Today, local lawmakers signed onto a letter constructed by the non-partisan group, Elected Officials To Protect New York, that's calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to maintain the state's moratorium on fracking.

Oneida County Legislator, Chad Davis, flanked by Legislators Joe Furgol, Brian Miller, Frank Tallarino and Rose Ann Convertino in the Board Chambers of the County Building says, "We are part of over 35 Oneida County elected officials who have implored the governor not to go forward with hydraulic fracturing, and we are part of over 425 elected leaders across the state, to ask him to not vote for it at this time." He says the unconventional technology of horizontal hydraulic fracturing has not been proven safe, and warns that the City of Utica may be a target for fracking, if the moratorium is lifted.

"Right now we believe that Governor Cuomo is targeting 4 or 5 counties in the Southern Tier. Our fear is...our fear is that once the gas industry gets their foothold in New York State and can work under a regulatory framework, that that will be the tip of the iceberg," said Davis, who warns that a green light for fracking will inevitably lead to drilling of the deep Utica shale.  Cuomo has yet to make a final decision on the controversial issue. In the meantime, polls continue to show that New Yorkers are still evenly split on whether to frack, or not.