Lets celebrate "National Talk Show Host Day" by remembering some of the great (and little known) gabbers.  Who was your favorite?

Dick Cavett (started 1968; won 10 Emmy Awards0

Sally Jessy Raphael (1983-1992)

Phil Donahue (20 year run; married Marlo Thomas)

Tom Snyder (Show called Tomorrow: ran 1973 to 1982; he died in 2007 at age 71)

Joey Bishop (his sidekick was a very young Regis Philbin)

David Brenner  (his talk show was called Nightlife; house band led by Billy Preston)

Wally George  (controversial talk show called The Hot Seat; studio only held 80 people)

Ricki Lake:  (her show ran from1993 to 2004; was a #1 rated show in England also)

Betty White:  (her talk show aired from 1977-1978 and was not a success)

Chevy Chase:  (a failure that ran for just 5 episodes in 1993 on FOX)