O’Connor Hospital, part of the Bassett Healthcare Network, has begun using an advanced patient monitoring system that will help save more lives, thanks to a generous donation from local entrepreneurs Joyce and David Barber and other community donors.

The monitoring technology, which provides constant assessment of heart and respiratory rates more than one hundred times per minute, is smartly constructed as a telemetry station that sits adjacent to patient beds, attached to a wall nearby. A small monitoring box – worn by the patient – interfaces with the monitor to increase the efficiency and frequency of messages arriving to nurses’ stations, allowing care teams to quickly recognize when patients need intervention.

With data being fed to clinicians on a minute-by-minute basis, time-sensitive clinical insights from this technology that would not be apparent otherwise are reducing mortality rates, decreasing the length of hospital stays, and improving patient experiences.

“O’Connor Hospital is incredibly grateful to the Barbers and other local residents for their generosity and community-minded dedication,” says Scott Bonderoff, president of O’Connor Hospital. “Our new patient monitoring system is already proving to enhance patient safety and comfort and improve workflow. There are so many reasons I am proud to be part of this organization – one of the biggest is O’Connor’s ability to continually embrace clinical advancements and still preserve our close-knit sense of family. This hospital is truly a gem in our community.”

The new equipment, purchased in November 2018, is being used in inpatient areas.