Senator Peter Oberacker (R/C-Schenevus) today joined with members of the Senate Republican Conference at the Capitol in Albany to unveil key priorities for the upcoming legislative session.

The Reset New York plan includes several components to address mounting economic and fiscal challenges facing the state -- many of which were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic -- and to help forge a better path forward for all New Yorkers.

Senator Peter Oberacker said, “New York is facing true challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic is one reason for our struggles, but wayward state policies that fail to meet the needs of our small businesses, families, and taxpayers, are the real culprit. There is no margin for error and the time is now to change course by enacting the Reset New York agenda. Specifically, broadband access, support for our farmers, and a strong educational system are among the initial building blocks that can set us on the right path. Let’s enact policies that create opportunities, not those that confine us.”

The Senate Republicans’ plan includes proposals that prioritize restarting our local economies, rethinking how New York State operates, and renewing a commitment to New York State’s residents to ensure strong, robust communities.

Restart our Local Economies by:

Safely reopening our small businesses to help them get back on their feet and offer gainful employment for residents;
Helping our schools and colleges stay open; and
Investing in our physical and human infrastructure to rebuild our state’s competitiveness.

Rethink how New York State Operates by:

Ending New York State’s unaffordability problem, which has been made worse by the pandemic;
Taking on State government’s culture of overspending and restoring fiscal responsibility; and
Reasserting the Legislature’s constitutional authority as an equal branch of government.

Renew our Commitment to Residents by:

Fostering the growth of vibrant local communities;
Developing a robust economy with diverse opportunities; and
Creating safer neighborhoods with common sense public safety measures.

“New York State has suffered its share of setbacks and it is going to take creative solutions to rally and recover. The good news is that we now have a blueprint to follow that includes winning economic development strategies, a commitment to public safety, and legislative accountability,” Senator Oberacker concluded.

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