There are perhaps more than 100 great little tea shoppes and tea rooms spread across the Upstate New York region.  Here are 12 we encourage you to check out.

Tea rooms bring so much more than just a cup of tea with them.  They bring tea cookies, a light brunch, some great conversation, a cute ambiance, fancy tea pots and tea services, friends and gossip, and a wide variety terrific, clever tea accessories.

Here, we list a  dozen of the best we can find in Upstate New York.  They cover all regions of our area, from the Adirondacks to the Hudson Valley, to the Catskills, Finger Lakes and on to Western New York.  Some of them are very big, like the Whistling Kettle in downtown Schenectady, and others are very small, like the Union Tea Café out in Cattaraugus County.

We have included a direct link to each tea shoppe with every entry.  Take a minute and give them a look.  I had no idea how many variety of teas there are and are served in these little tea rooms.  One on this gallery features over 75 different teas!  And each of these charming places has a back side story to it, about the teas, the businesses owners, or even the building they are housed in.  For one of the best of these stories, check out the post about Tailored Tea in the Albany area.  It is housed in a landmark historical house.  Great story!

And, as usual, with maybe a hundred or more tea shoppes around Upstate New York, if your favorite place to sit for a while and enjoy a soothing cup of hot tea didn't make this list, please visit our Facebook page and give it a shout out.  I am sure our thousands of readers would like to hear about it!

12 Of the Warmest Coziest Tea Rooms in Upstate New York!

Tea season is here.

OK, so many would say the tea season is always here. But with cold weather around the corner, and the frost is on the pumpkins, lets talk tea. Hot tea.

Here are a dozen of the most comfortable, coziest little tea rooms, tea shoppes, and tea cafes you can find around Upstate New York.

Come in and sit, for a cup!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

Candy Apples Mean Delicious Memories for Young and Old Alike in Upstate New York

No matter how you are or how old you get, a candy apple is a delicious memory of our youth. They were fun, messy, delicious, and conveniently located on top of a stick. At Halloween, they were a special treat.

Here are a bunch of places in Upstate New York known for their creative and yummy candy apples.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio