Summer is here and it is time to head to the lake!

With hundreds of lakes to choose from, we know everybody has their very own special place to enjoy.  Tiny, unnamed mountain lakes in the Adirondacks or Catskills, the glorious Finger Lakes which spread out from Skaneateles to near Buffalo, or how about Chautauqua Lake in the farthest corner of western New York, or "the big ones," like Lake Ontario or Lake Erie?  And don't even try to mention all the lakes in Central New York.  What a list that would make!  They are all great, big and small.

In this gallery we give you a select group of 11 lake towns in Upstate New York to consider.  Each place is near a glorious body of water, and each place has a bit of history to it, and some great little places to dine and drink.  We have sprinkled these mentions along the way for you, with links where appropriate.

And, as usual, with an uncountable number of Upstate New York lakes to choose from, we only picked 11 to tease you.  So, please, if your very favorite summertime lake didn't make our list, please visit our Facebook page and give it a shout out.

Whether it is for boating, cook-outs, overnight camping, family reunions, a chance to see a stunning sunset, enjoy some events, water skiing or fishing, have fun this summer at your little slice of Heaven...a clear, blue (and cold) Upstate New York Lake!

11 Great Little "Lake Towns" To Visit This Summer in Upstate New York

For many in Upstate New York, summertime means time spent on a lake. Here is a gallery of some of the best "lake towns" in our region. They can be big (lake George) or a town with about 600 population (Hammondsport). But all 11 are fun and the lakes are all gorgeous.

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