Because the Albany area is so old, with its history going back before the dawning of New York as a state, it is not surprising that so much history of the Capital District can be found by walking the pathways of the ancient cemeteries found in Albany, Schenectady, Troy and the surrounding area.

This gallery looks at the final resting places of ten famous Americans.  All of these cemeteries are open to the public and you can visit these sites easily.  But, why do it?

Visiting the graves of famous politicians, celebrities, persons of interest is a convenient way to touch base with our past, pay our respects to them, and reflect on the impacts, both big and small, these people have had on our lives.  We would probably be to nervous to reach out and contact a famous writer, or Hollywood star, or legendary sports figure, in life, but it can be an enlightening experience to visit their gravesite and spend a few moments in reflection.  And also, some of these old cemeteries are among the most beautiful places in each of these cities.

This gallery looks at the fully accessible final resting places of ten famous Americans who are buried in New York State's Capital District.  They include a United States president, a two-time Academy Award winning actress, a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, a Civil War general with perhaps the best military nickname ever, and a real life man who came to be the embodiment of our country as we know it today.  And others.

We will feature the lives and final resting places of other Americans in Upstate graveyards in the future.

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If we ran into a US President, or a Hollywood movie star, or perhaps a legendary writer in a coffee shop or on the street, most of us would just kind of shy away and let the famous person haver their privacy. And that is why "grave visits" is a new, popular thing right now. Going to a very public gravesite of a famous person to pay our respects in death where we most likely would never have done so when they are alive. Cemeteries in Upstate New York have the graves of hundreds of famous people in them, and visitors who come to pay respects to them grow in numbers each year. we will look at the various regions in the future, and highlight some of the famous graves found in each region. This gallery looks at the Capital District of Albany, Schenectady, and Troy and the areas around these cities. Here we find the final resting places of an American president, an Oscar winning movie star, a Hall of Fame baseball player, and several others. (For information on 100 other famous Americans buried in Upstate New York click here to see this guide).

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

Tiny But Awesome Book Stores In Upstate New York!

With Independent Book Store Day now in the rear view mirror, this gallery looks at a collection of the best (and smallest) of them all in Upstate New York. We have looked at the large indie book stores in Buffalo, Albany, Rochester, etc. in previous galleries'. But this one is for the little guys. The book stores range in communities with a high population of 17,000 to a hamlet with a teeny tiny population of under 400 residents. And they are all great!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio