The New York State Comptroller is releasing information from a review of $6 billion of state contracts and over $8.7 billion in payments made in November.

Among the expenditures, Thomas DiNapoli’s office says $19.2 million were approved for elevator maintenance at 27 State University of New York Campuses and the State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services- Flood Assistance division approved $16.6 million to help 176 Town of Union homeowners, whose houses were destroyed in 2011 by flooding resulting from Tropical Storm Lee, have their properties demolished.

The Comptroller says the Home Energy Assistance Program paid out about $29 million to low income New Yorkers to help with home heating costs or heat related energy emergencies.

The state paid about $3 million in over 50,600 Department of Motor Vehicle refunds.

Officials say the majority of that was for vehicle owners who returned license plates as the DMV refunds 50% of the registration free for plates surrendered in the first year of a two year registration.