It is always fun in these pages to refer to the National Food Holiday register and see what food is celebrated for a corresponding day of the month.  We have featured restaurants all across Upstate New York featuring these "starred" food holidays with everything from National Smoked Sausage Day, to National Eat a Truffle Day, and to National Whoopie Pie Day.  All fun, and all delicious.

But then we come upon a listing in the food holiday calendar for June 29th of each year.  And it is not a food, really.  But rather an appliance to make a favorite food.  June 29th marks the birthday of the waffle iron!  It was born on this day back in1869 and its birthplace is actually in Upstate New York.  The inventor, Cornelius Swartwout, from Westerlo, NY (Albany County) filed for his patent in 1869 for the first stove top waffle iron with a hinged double-plate mechanism and with a handy dandy handle used to flip the contraption.  So, thanks a lot Cornelius.  And, let the recipes begin!

Here are a dozen fine restaurants, diners, and cafes scattered all across the Upstate New York region at which you can visit and celebrate in your own personal and private way the invention of the waffle iron.  Waffles are fun!  As the author of this article I must admit.  There are hundreds of places to order a waffle today, so I really wanted to just give a sampling of places to get them, and heck, I really wanted to do a post with some drool-worthy photographs.

By the time you are done reading this gallery if you are not reaching for your coat and heading for the car for a visit to an area waffle house in your area, well, something is mighty wrong with you.  These pictures are awesome.

If your favorite waffle place didn't make the list, please give it a shout out over on our Facebook page!

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