Let's face it, we all love a National Food Holiday.  And we can understand why these are even a thing.  All food industries like a day to highlight and support their products.  I get that.  So we slog through National Artichoke Day, and National Cream Soda Day, and National Pork Rind Day, and many others.  And then, in my opinion, come the big ones!

Like National Pasta Day, National Cannoli Day, National Cold Cheese Pizza Day (yes, it is a thing), and National Meatball Day (and I showing my DNA yet?).

And after my gastronomical salute to everything Italian, I turn to another celebratory day for me.  National Taco Day is October 4, and you can believe that this writer will be celebrating!

There are great taco restaurants, roadside diners, and food trucks in every corner of Upstate New York.  Maybe hundreds of them.  And, frankly I have never had a bad taco at any of them.  On the other hand, I have had fantastico tacos at some of them.  This gallery offers up a short list of 15 special places, big and small, that are serving up delicious tacos in a variety of ways.  These places can be found from the Hudson Valley, to the Finger Lakes, throughout the Catskills, and way up to the gates of the U.S. Army Base at Fort Drum in the Adirondacks.

All are good, so check them out.  And as usual, if your favorite taco destination did not make our list (and again, there are hundreds of them), please visit our Facebook page and give it a shout out.  We want to hear from you!!

Finally! National Taco Day is Here and Here are 15 Places in Upstate New York For You to Celebrate!

National food holidays are fun. And so, after slogging through National Plum Day, National Rutabaga Day, and National Cold Soup Day (among others), it is finally here! National Taco Day (October 3), but who can celebrate tacos with just a single day? Not me! Lets celebrate all month long, and here are 15 great Mexican places in Upstate New York that make awesome tacos!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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Snow is blowing, temps are falling and you are thinking, "Yes, it is soup time!" Every restaurant worth their salt makes a good homemade soup around this time of the year. Upstate winters can be rough, and a hot bowl of soup at the local diner or restaurant sure helps the winter's day move along. Here is a sampler of 13 places that serve a delicious hot cup of homemade soup. Of course the list could be over 100, but we like these places, scattered all across the Upstate region, for their taste, creativity, and downright "m-m-m goodness!"