This is a fun and unique gallery.  We have done many stories in these pages about the glorious churches which dot the urban and rural landscape of Upstate New York.  This one takes us inside these churches with interior videos.

They are awesome.

We have included either full length tours, historical narratives, or short service snippets of each of these 22 churches so you can get a glimpse of some of the beauty and history which abounds in these holy places in Upstate New York.

You will get inside churches that have magnificent Tiffany glass windows, ones that have acted as sturdy way-stations for those traveling the Underground Railroad from the South to the North, you will see a grand, historic church that found later fame as a fort, and you will find a church in the Adirondacks where a parishioner, one of the most famous singers in the world, joined in singing with the choir from her front row pew for almost forty years.  Oh, to have been there to hear her sing in that church!

The churches in this gallery can be found in both large cities like Albany, Buffalo, and Rochester, as well as tiny map dots that you would need a GPS to find.

Unfortunately there is one church that we highlight that does not include an interior video.  Exterior?  Yes.  But interior, no.  It is a church in the middle of a large pond, accessible only by row boat.  And, by the looks of the row boat we saw, we just didn't dare hop in and head for the church in the middle of the water.  So, you will have to be satisfied with just an exterior video.  It is a great story!

(Note:  We have used the term "church" loosely for space and time.  In the gallery you will see shrines, basilicas, monastery's, and other places of worship)

A Remarkable Look Inside 22 Of Upstate New York's Most Historic Churches!

There are just way too many beautiful churches in Upstate New York to even begin a comprehensive list of them all. So this gallery is a bit different. It is unique in that for each of the 22 historic places of worship we highlight, we also include a video tour of the interiors of the place (if available). If no video of the interior was possible, we inserted a video of the exterior, grounds, etc. So you can do your exploring from the comfort of your own laptop! You will enjoy seeing the splendor of these magnificent places in our gallery.

Here you will see majestic cathedrals, a Tibetan monastery, a church that ultimately found fame as a fort, a church that is world-renowned as a "temple to the art of Tiffany windows,: two important churches that were way stations along the Underground Railroad, plus the smallest church in the world!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

"Get Your Schnitzel On" at These 11 Great Upstate New York German Restaurants.

August 16 is the day we celebrate bratwurst. Yes, it is a thing to celebrate this favorite sausage item. So we have blown it out to celebrate all German foods with this list of several great German biergartens, brauhauses, breweries, corner bars, butcher, and restaurants.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio