The Adirondacks in the fall. There is nothing quite like it.

This gallery is a list of a dozen stunning homes that are currently for sale in the High Peaks region. Granted, they all come with a whopping price tag, but we can look can't we?

These incredible homes cover the whole range of the Adirondack region, from mountains to lakes, and from tourist towns to remote map dots. Most are log home-style house, others are waterfront properties.

There is a wonderful 1893 renovated "great camp" on this list as well as a fun and fantastic completely remodeled Adirondack boathouse ( comes with a boat!).

While all of these houses are currently for sale at the time of the publication of this article, there is no guarantee that they will be available long. These properties get snapped up in a heartbeat. (Each property listed has a link to the real estate company that is offering it).

So if you win the lottery, or a pile of money falls in your lap, we encourage you to check out these great places in the Adirondacks. Fall is right around the corner and I submit that there is no prettier place in the state (or the country, as far as that goes) during this season as our own beloved Adirondack Mountains.

These photos will make you drool. Dream on!

12 of the Most Drool-Worthy Adirondack Homes For Sale Right Now!

Many New Yorkers can only dream of owning a log home or family home in the Adirondack Mountains. Prices have skyrocketed over the years putting a lot of these properties just a bit out of the reach of the everyman or every woman.

The houses on this list are no different. But we can dream, can't we?

With autumn just around the corner imagine yourself in the lap of luxury in any these 12 stunning homes in the Adirondacks. All are currently for sale (but could be gone at any moment). Most are on lakes, several are sprawling family estates, there is a renovated "great camp" on the list, the majority are log homes, and others are unique in their own way.

So dream on. Wouldn't you like to spend this fall in one of these gorgeous homes?

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