Upstate New York's newest craft brewery just Unadilla!

The Muddy River Farm Brewery grows their own hops right in front of the brand new tap room.  The owners are cousins Dustin and Jared Wood (with able assists from their wives Katie and Christina).

"We originally started growing hops to provide them to other brewers.  It was a busy business and we usually sold out all of our hops before they were even picked," Dustin told me.

"New York State farm brewers need to get their hops from New York State hop farms only, so we were here for them.  And then we decided to use our own hops ourselves.  And here we are at Muddy River Farm Brewery," Justin said.

The tap room is super comfortable with a seating area that holds 40 people and a large, expansive back lawn that goes all the way to the Susquehanna River.

"We like to let the outdoors in, here.  People love our little tap/tasting room, but when we open our big back door, that's when the fun begins," they said.  The rear of the building is enclosed by a massive 12' XC12' sliding door.  When opened, this allows a free and easy access to both the tap room and the lawn area outside.  Chairs line the banks of the river for a relaxing atmosphere.

"We have 8 taps. Six of them are our own brews and two are "guests taps."  One of our most popular pours is called Fundilla after the town that we are in.  We have a wide selection of our own beers plus wines and ciders.  Everything we sell is locally sourced.  We make our own beer, we get our ciders from Awestruck Ciders in Sidney and Beak and Skiff Orchards in LaFayette.  Our guest taps are beers from Hamilton and Cazenovia. We also carry two Upstate New York wines."

"We have only been open for a couple of weeks but the response has been great.  People have fun here.  We are proud that we use so many local products.  Even our taproom menu is locally sourced all from within a half hour from us," Jared said.

Although the menu is small, the food is excellent and very popular.  Items include Authentic 10" Bavarian Pretzel (The Bavaria Restaurant - Sidney, NY),  Farmer Hand Pies (Stony Creek Farm-Walton, NY) Cheese Board (Harpersfield Hop Cheese), Camembert Onion Cheese Spread (Bavaria Restaurant), and delicious Smoked Trout (Sky Top Springs Fish Farm, Sidney Center).  They also have a wonderful hummus platter which they get from the Ithaca Hummus Company.

Be sure and notice one of the most unique tap set ups you will ever see.  All 8 taps come through a massive piece of Susquehanna River driftwood.

"I saw that old wood piece out in the river and knew it would be perfect.  I went out and dragged it up the river about a quarter of a mile before I could haul it out.  It must weigh over 200 pounds, but I knew it would be just the right touch for the tap room," Jared told me.

And he is right!

Hours are Friday 5-10 pm, Saturday 2-10 pm, Sunday Noon to 6:00 pm

The brew farm is located on the Back River Road between Sidney and Unadilla (at the Tryon's Corner intersection).  GPS address is 15544 County Highway 23, Unadilla, NY 13849.  (607) 287-8770.


Muddy River owners cousins Dustin (L) and Jared Wood.  The huge sliding door handle is an antique 1900-era hop bar!
Unique tap system runs through 200 pound piece of Susquehanna River drift wood!
The bar and seating area can hold up to 40 people.  The tap room is all new construction.
Outdoor seating along the Susquehanna River
The brew room is modern and immaculate
All beers are either made hon premises or locally sourced
A favorite tap room snack. Original handmade Bavarian pretzels made at a German restaurant in Sidney. Oh so good!