Credit: John Panella, Thinkstock
Credit: John Panella, Thinkstock

Thanks to the efforts of Mikaelan Cucciarre-Stuligross, a Hartwick College student, Oneonta High School will play host to a very dramatic event which may very well leave a lasting impression on high school students as they enter prom and graduation party season.  A mock DWI crash is set to take place today to remind students of the dangers of drinking and driving.

This event is in recognition of April as National Alcohol Awareness Month.  The Oneonta Police and Fire Departments, and Otsego County STOP DWI will be on hand to demonstrate what a real-life DWI crash would look like. In today's mock crash, all students will be brought outside to the school's parking lot, where a "crash" has just occurred, and they will come face-to-face with mangled cars and bloodied victims. Police and fire officials will arrive and handle the scene as if it were a real-life DWI incident, including using the Jaws of Life to enter the wreckage to reach victims, arresting a driver, and even removing a deceased passenger in a body bag. The scenario is scripted to provide as close to an actual, real-time DWI experience as possible.

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