Have you ever lost your keys and had absolutely no idea where the heck they could be?  I did that last week.  Since I am very good about keeping track of my things, especially my keys (never lost them before), I was convinced that I my husband had my keys last.  It was the biggest mystery!  Where were my keys for pete's sake?!

After tearing my house apart and turning up nothing I simply gave up and got new keys made.  Fortunately, I had copies of what I'd lost!  Trust me, ALWAYS have backup keys!

Then yesterday, my husband tells me that someone from the Oneonta YMCA called to inform me that my keys had been found and dropped off at the YMCA since I had my YMCA membership key tag on the key ring.  Then, they went even further and Jason from the Y personally delivered them to my house.  WOW!  Thank you Jason and whomever found my keys on the streets of Oneonta somewhere and was kind enough to turn them in at the YMCA.  This is proof that living in a small town is the best and that there are plenty of kind people out there.  The spirit of the season is alive and well in Oneonta if you ask me.