A beautiful day at Swart-Wilcox set the scene for Rabbit Goody’s most delightful, interesting and informative talk on early textiles.  She held the group spell bound as she explained the development of early colonial textiles...and debunked some of the more common textile myths.

She passed around sample of the various fabrics she talked about so that we could see just what she was describing.  Rabbit also discussed the 1843 Delhi Coverlet which had been handed down through the family to Phoebe Wilcox, and which was returned to the SW House by Betty Smith.  This jacquard coverlet, which was woven by a man as it was his profession, is blue on one side and white on the other, and would have been found in the country, not the city.  After the talk, the Friends of SW brought "light refreshments" outside to be enjoyed as the discussion & questions continued.

SW house