There were conflict reports about Jimmy Fallon partying with college students in Upstate New York. We figured out where Fallon really was and the likely reason why.

Over the weekend, a post went viral that suggested Jimmy Fallon was partying with college students in New York State, not far from Canada.

St Patrick's Day Was Legendary In Plattsburgh, New York

In the 1970s, surprisingly, Plattsburgh, New York was the place to be to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

In fact, Playboy Magazine named Plattsburgh as one of the best places in the world to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Things got so rowdy, that SUNY Plattsburgh officials had to put a stop to it.

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By 1980, SUNY Plattsburgh planned its spring break around the holiday to avoid a massive amount of college students from partying in Plattsburgh on St. Patrick's Day.

Was Jimmy Fallon In Plattsburgh, New York?


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Jimmy Fallon Was Not In Plattsburgh, New York But Was In The Capital Region

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Why Was Jimmy Fallon In Albany, New York?

Fallon went to the College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York. The college is set to close after the spring semester.

"Kegs and Eggs" also returned to Albany this year for an early St. Patrick's Day. I assume, Fallon wanted to relive in "glory days" and enjoy a final "Kegs and Eggs" celebration at his college.

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